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Choosing the Right Bike

There are many options available and selecting the correct type of bike is very important. First you must decide what your requirements are and the type of riding you will be doing. This will determine which type of bike is right for you. There are many types of bike available for every day use, recreational leisure or specific disciplines. It is important to get the right level of specification for the level of riding you will be doing.

We stock a wide selection of bikes in all categories for all levels of ability and styles of riding.


Size and Fit

Ensure the bike comfortable and check the reach and if your feet can touch the ground comfortably on both sides. You need to be confident in handling the bike. Take a look at our size guide as a general guide.

Specific frame geometries and components will affect the riding position and adjustment. Mountain bikes are designed with a more sloping top tube compared to a traditional bike, so you should not select a frame too large. On Trekking and Urban bikes they often have adjustable stem that allow you to adjust your riding position/reach.  Also if a bike has a suspension seat post you will need to select a frame size approx 1 ½” shorter than a bike with a standard seat post.


Childrens Bikes 3yrs+

12", 14" and 16" wheeled bikes with stabilisers aimed at 3 yrs to 5 yrs. Look out for extra features such as non-slip pedals, 2pc handlebars and stem so you can adjust the arm length to suit the child and easy pull brake levers that can also be adjust to suit the finger reach of the child.


Junior Bikes 5yrs+

These 16”, 18” and 20” wheeled bikes start to include gears and are aimed at 5yrs to 9yrs. Specified with leading brand components to ensure good function and durability. They have many extra features and benefits to ensure the products and riding experience exceed your expectations. We would recommend an alloy framed bike as it is light and easier for the child to handle.


Youth Bikes 8yrs+

Our fantastic range of 24” and 26” wheeled bikes are aimed at 8yrs to 11yrs. Many boast some of the features found on the larger framed adult bikes. In this category you will find some 26” with sloping frames so taller/older kids can consider buying a smaller framed 26" bike.


BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are the must have bike since the early 80’s. They are great for kids of all ages! BMX bikes offer great style and function. We offer the first starter BMX with 16” wheels to much higher spec’d Dirt, Street, Race and Freestyle rigs. Look out for chromoly frames, Skyway wheels, wheels with extra spokes for added strength, grind pegs and 25/9T micro drive set ups.


Dirt Bikes

As BMX and mountain bike riding progressed 26” Dirt bikes have evolved.  Aggressively styled frames with steep sloping top tubes provide great acceleration and agility for dirt riding.  Important to check out the spec to ensure it is right for your riding ability and skills.


Mountain Bikes / Recreational MTB's

Hugely popular because of their versatility and ease of use. We recommend you go for a lightweight alloy frame with front suspension forks to help absorb the bumps and for steady handling. Our recreational MTB's have semi slick tyres so they are happy on road, towpaths and slightly rougher terrain. You need to ensure the level of the components fitted is right for your expected use.


Mountain Bikes / Performance MTB's

A step up in components and frame technology compared to the recreational MTB’s. You will see the introduction of disc brakes – mechanical and hydraulic. These bikes need the ability to handle difference terrains, so you will have extra features that allow you to react accordingly such as adjustable suspension forks.


City - Trekking Bikes

A perfect blend of classic looks and cutting edge technology. Equipped with full length mudguards, carrier and chain guard. Some models have internal hub gears for clean and simple cycling. Great durable “fit for purpose” bikes ideal for commuting and leisurely family rides. Look out for gel comfort saddles, adjustable stems and suspension seat posts for extra comfort.


City - Urban Bikes

Probably, the most suitable type of bike for the UK adult leisure cyclist. Sleek agile lightweight bikes designed to be easy rolling for about town, towpath and cycle trials riding. A more upright and relaxed riding position than MTB's so less pressure on the lower back. Comfort parts throughout such as saddles, grips and adjustable stems to personalise your riding position. Easily upgraded to include mudguards and carriers.


Road Bikes

Designed for speed and distance on roads with a lower aerodynamic riding position with dropped handlebars. Utilising lightweight frames and components made from carbon fibre and aluminium for stiffness and a responsive ride. Low profile tyres enable you to ride faster and more efficiently on the road than you would on an MTB or Urban bike.


Folding Bikes

Folding bikes have progress tremendously in the last few years with improved functionality and new technology creating more stability, agility and appeal. Folding mechanisms have become simpler allowing the bike to be very neat and compact when folded. Ideal, for urban living as they are easy to store, camping, caravanning, commuting and occasional recreational cycling.


Tandem Bikes

Great fun and really enjoyable. The perfect way to get out and see the countryside and share the workload of those hills!! Constructed from oversize hi-ten steel or aluminium tubing and available in mountain bike spec (26" wheels) or trekking spec (700C wheels).


Female Specific Bikes

Throughout the range of bikes we have our female specific versions. These bikes have been specifically designed for the female body. Our bikes include subtle geometry changes that make the bike a more comfortable fit. There are other features which make the bikes more user friendly like step-through frames which reduce the height you have to lift your leg when mounting the bike.

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