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For over 120 years Raleigh has been creating market leading bikes in Nottingham. Raleigh is very much in touch with your cycling needs, with a range of bikes for all the family. Every Raleigh bike is manufactured to a high level of quality and attention to detail. The functionality of every bike is important and it must be "fit for purpose" and reliable. To achieve this high quality Raleigh carefully select the best materials and components for every bike. Combined with the most comprehensive range of accessories with quality and value in mind, their products are all designed to enhance your cycling experience. We are proud to be working with Raleigh.


At Diamondback the heritage runs deep. Est.1978. From the early days, Diamondback has always been represented with top talent in the sport. The continued hard work and dedication of their riders allows Diamondback to develop the newest, coolest, cutting-edge products available. A new generation of performance mountain bikes, built for the rider who just wants to ride. With the UK weather, terrain and rider in mind Diamondback have designed their mountain bikes with tailored frame geometry and durable components. Hydro formed frame tubes feature on all bikes giving greater strength-to-weight ratio, and adding to the style. Designed in the UK for the UK rider.

Premium BMX

Premium BMX was launched 10 years ago on the principles that fun equals success, do it because you love it, and give riders what they want. Without all of that fun, creative BMX minds (current and past), they say they wouldn’t be here today. Premium BMX today is built for core BMX riders; guys who are way more interested in good times than gold medals. Meeting new people, riding new spots and kicking the back end out are some of the more important things on a Premium riders list of things to do. Everyone at Premium measure success by how much fun they’re having. With a formula like that, it’s gold medals all day, every day.

Haro BMX

Haro Bikes is a US company founded in 1978 by Bob Haro, who is known in the BMX industry as the "Father of Freestyle". Haro produce all styles of bike, across the price range. Their bikes are designed and developed from a rider's perspective with performance as a key criteria.

Claud Butler

Throughout its long history, Claud Butler has maintained its progressive approach, and its willingness to utilise developments in new materials and design. As a result, the Claud Butler range of cycles is proving increasingly popular in the UK market. From mountain to touring, city, road, sports bikes and specialist lightweight racing thoroughbreds. Claud Butler creates all these and more, and into each go the care and craftsmanship you would expect from a company with over a century of experience and an enviable reputation for quality.


All Indigo bikes are developed and designed in England pulling on more the 50 years cycle industry experience, knowledge and passion. High quality components are used throughout to create what we feel are some of the finest bikes possible with a high level of attention to detail in the assembly.  Only using hand welded lightweight aluminium frames to give a responsive ride and assured handling. Every Indigo bike has an additional over lacquer to help seal and protect the frame, paint and decals from the elements.  Indigo bikes have evolved as cycling and technology has evolved so they incorporate many features to enhance your experience and ensure your cycling experience is the best it can be. All Indigo bikes are developed to exceed latest safety standards. Lifestyle and type of use will determine the right Indigo bike for you but remember to have fun - Let's go, Indigo!

Feral BMX

If you or your ancestors were once domesticated but you have reverted to your wild state and enjoy a free living existence you are a BMX’er making your own path.  Drawing on their experience everything about a Feral BMX bike is focussed on riding style and quality.  The latest range uses cutting edge technology to deliver high quality bikes for the diverse and progressive world of BMX’ing. Feral BMX bikes are kitted out with all the latest componentry for smooth riding.


Cool bikes built tough for street and park riding. Drawing on many years of experience we have created a range of very capable bikes utilising the latest high quality components and the latest on-trend styling. Rad bikes give you dependable bikes at affordable prices.


If you're looking for stylish, affordable modern bikes the whole family will love, look no further than Mizani. With a wide choice of models, in cool fashionable colours Mizani bikes come well-equipped and are built to last using quality components such as Shimano gears and aluminium frames. Mizani offer a comprehensive line of innovative bikes that get you moving and that suit the needs of UK riders. Built on the foundation of a commitment to creating the best affordable family bikes available today we are confident that you will experience that devotion to cycling every time you ride your Mizani. On a Mizani bike, your family will find countless ways to ride in style while spending some real quality time together. Mizani's goal is to get you where you want to go, and to get you there safely.


Think of Tribe BMX bikes and stunt scooters as vehicles for discovery. Bikes and scooters that will transport kids on new adventures on the way to the park, a friend's house or on a family ride. Tribe will help build memorable moments, extensions of imagination and sense of adventure. Tribe bikes incorporate the latest advances in design and technology coupled with distinctive styling at affordable prices. Tribe bikes are great for tearing up the dirt or just cruising along the bike path as they are built to handle a variety of terrains. Tribe bikes are perfect for recreational riding and offer durability and manoeuvrability for riders looking to "push the limit" of fun.


Ride in style on a Kingston. Handcrafted frames provide nice control and use the latest components for modern functionality. Enjoy freedom, mobility and quality at a price that's easy to live with. Comfort, styling and performance are what make Kingston bikes stand out from the rest by offering many of the features you would expect to find on higher priced bikes. Constantly striving to improve upon production techniques and to develop innovative bike designs ensure that the attention to detail on durability, reliability and exceptional versatility truly deliver. Kingston is the perfect marriage of traditional  styling and contemporary functionality for everyday life.

Hollandia Dutch Bikes

Established to develop and deliver bicycles based on performance, style and quality that appeal to all major cycling markets based on the exacting standards of Holland and the Central European markets. Very quickly this winning combination saw the Hollandia brand become respected around the global. Thousands of retail outlets and many more cyclists are benefiting for Hollandia’s commitment to attention to detail and design.

With distribution and sales growth Hollandia now have production facilities in Europe and China.

Hollandia is built on a philosophy of product innovation, development and design inspired by customer demands and the latest market trends. Traditional, modern and contemporary products keep Hollandia’s range at the forefront of modern cycling.


Triumph offers a wide selection of family bikes that are high on performance, but not on price. These durable, quality-built bikes come in styles for both kids and adults, with sizes ranging from 16” up to 26”. Beginner riders will enjoy the excitement of climbing aboard their own special Triumph bike – complete with removable training wheels. Older boys will get a charge out of the Triumph line of boys’ bikes. Girls have their own Triumph to choose from, complete with brightly colored paint and cool fashion decals. There’s even a great selection of Triumph mountain and road bikes made especially for Mom and Dad. Triumph – a family of great bikes designed for families looking to get more out of their biking experience.


First established in 1908 the Viking brand has a history, rich in the tradition of top quality road bikes and throughout the century Viking has been synonymous with success. Proven quality, style and durability have always been the trademark standard of this brand. Today’s Viking has all these qualities and more, the range now encompasses a much bigger selection of types of bike to suit the ever increasing demands of changing lifestyles. Our new range for 2008 includes: Road, Tourer, Trekking, Comfort, Tandems, Urban Sport and City Folders. Using all the technical developments of today’s manufacturing and lightweight Aluminium, the new Viking bikes are ready to face the next hundred years.


With its distinctive styling, Concept bikes are made for boys of all ages who are seeking new adventures in bike riding. Designed for all-terrain use, Concept bikes are perfect for recreational riding. With features that include rigid frame construction, knobby tires, and cool BMX styles, Concept offer durability and maneuverability for riders looking to “push the limit” on fun.

Rooster BMX

Experience freedom with the power, speed, and agility of Rooster. Fully loaded, Rooster comes with vibrant colors, feature combinations, and unique designs. While recreation and excitement are the initial drive for Rooster bikes, a strict focus is on safety so you can experience the rush without the risk. Rooster delivers the ability and confidence to go beyond the limits.


Avenir offer a full range of bicycle luggage including a range with fully welded seams for exceptional performance to keep all your belongs clean and dry whether you’re commuting, touring or riding trails. The Avenir Welded range offer premium fittings on a pannier, bar bag and a seat pack.

Avenir “Aquatec" range of panniers and handlebar bags benefits from waterproof lining and brings together exceptional functionality, performance and value for money. This range has the renowned “Rixen Kaul” Klickfix fittings, padded outer for added protection and many other features such as feet on the bag base to prevent wear and tear.

The 100% waterproof pannier range of Avenir bags is a combination of cutting edge materials and super secure welded seam technology. Exclusive multi adjust pannier fitting system means that the single rear pannier can be adjusted to create the perfect fit.

The Avenir Pioneer range is robust range of bags for everyday use incorporating draw cord inner closure, reflective safety piping, LED mounting loops, quick release buckles, durable fastenings and waterproof zips. This comprehensive range includes Deluxe triple panniers, Double panniers, rack bags with drop down pannier, Sportive handlebar bags, handlebar bags and various saddle and frame bags. Even a mountable bike console weatherproof housing for Smart phones.  With many people choosing to travel with their bikes on holiday Avenir offer bike bags for standard and folding bikes so you can meet airline requirements at an affordable price.

To support their cycle luggage range Avenir also have a comprehensive range of bike racks available in steel and aluminium.  The popular lightweight Pioneer Express is available in 26” / MTB or 700C / Hybrid versions and comes with pannier support bars.

Avenir also offer a full range of lightweight bike car carriers made from aluminium tubing that can carry 3 or 4 bikes as well as roof and tow bar mounting bike carriers. They come fully assembled “Ready to Fit” and are foldable. Fastenings and harnesses are supplied with the carrier.  Avenir offer a range for many vehicles from saloons, hatchbacks, etc.

Top selling Avenir car racks are the Avenir Montana 3 bike carrier, Avenir Nevada 4 bike carrier and the Avenir Arizona 3 bike high rise bike carrier.

Crud Bike Mudguards

Crud was one of the brands associated with early MTB’s and Downhill in Britain with their famous Crud Catcher guard in 1991. Next came the Crud Claw to help with UK muddy conditions, shortly after the Crud DCD Chain Device to prevent chain derailment and the seat post fitting rear Crud Race Guard. The Crud Catcher has evolved with the Race Pac and most recently they have launched the Crud RoadRacer guard giving road riders a sleek, close fitting guard solution.

CST Bike Tyres

CST are the biggest maker of bicycle tyres in the world and the force behind the world famous Maxxis brand.  Manufactured to the highest standards of quality and consistency with exacting standards. CST puncture resistant models feature either EPS or Kelvar protection belts.  CST road tyres offer a finer 60 TPI casing for a lighter weight and more supple feel on the road.  CST road tyres offer options for training, sport performance and urban/commute.

CST city trekking tyres offer modern low resistant tread patterns including CST Selecta with a grooved slick design and all have puncture protection.

Also in the CST bicycle tyre range are the Mountain and Freeride specific tyres with treads and compounds for loose terrain, wet / muddy terrain and hard pack paths.

Cyclepro bike tools

Cyclepro tools are widely regarded as some of the best tools at reasonable prices. With a combination of innovation and quality Cyclepro are setting standards in all areas of cycle maintenance. Suitable for the novice or expert Cyclepro tools are ideal.  Favorites include multi tools, allen key tools, bike wrenches and bike tyre levers.

Dahon Folding Bikes

With over 25 years of experience in making folding bikes, Dahon has a proven record of bringing the best in folding bike technology to the market. The first and largest global folding bike brand with many patented function and features such as folding mechanisms and gear technology.

Dahon was founded with the singular purpose to convince more people to use environmentally sustainable forms of transport. To accomplish this goal, Dahon focused on creating innovative but reasonably priced folding bicycles. Back in 1982, Dahon started a revolution with their first pioneering folding bicycle. That revolution is now changing the way people around the world move themselves from point A to point B. With over 2 million folding bicycles sold, Dahon are the proud worldwide leader in folding bicycles. 

Dare2b cycle clothing

Whether you’re cycling in the summer or winter, there are three things to keep in mind when shopping for cycling clothing - it should look stylish, it has to protect you from the elements and it must be comfortable. Dare 2b offers just this and some within their specific Cycle Clothing collection - bike riding shorts, jerseys and jackets that are bright, stylish and safety as well. All Dare 2b cycling clothing is extremely affordable for the quality and innovation built into every item.

One of most popular items is the Dare 2b padded cycling shorts as they will ensure your time in the saddle is more enjoyable and comfortable!  Another important item for all cyclists is a lightweight jersey made from quick-drying fabric with vented sections to keep you cool.  As the weather in the UK is not always sunny and dry (!) look at the Dare 2b jackets and base layers.

Grit Scooters

Grit Scooters is a strong brand to emerge from the boom in extreme scooter riding. Grit Scooters has quickly becoming one of the fastest growing scooter brands in the world. Grit Scooters offers a range of complete Grit Scooters, as well as parts and accessories that can be mixed and matched with other scooter brands on the market.

Grit Scooters benefit from constant feedback from its team riders around the world to ensure they produce some of the most advanced complete scooters and custom scooter parts on the market. Using only the highest grades of raw materials, Grit Scooters design and manufacturing is constantly improving to ensure that Grit products stay at the forefront of extreme scootering.

Whatever your budget, discipline or style, Grit has the scooter to fit your need. Make Grit Scooters your weapon of choice.

The Grit Fluxx scooter, Grit Extremist scooter and Grit Elite 2 Pro scooter all deliver great spec, functionality and cool styling.


Herrmans is one of the leading European forerunners within bicycle technology and for over 50 years they have worked closely with European bicycle manufacturers to ensure that their products deliver innovation, comfort and exclusive features.

Herrmans specialise in bicycle grips, chain guards, reflectors, lighting and rim tapes. Always products are developed appreciating the end users demands and requirements on quality, function and reliability.

Ride a bike for any length of time and you will become very well acquainted with your handlebar grips! Choosing the right grip is important for comfort and safety. Look, ergonomic shaping and feel are important factors as well as the materials used.

High 5

UK company High 5 is at the forefront of sports nutrition with many top athletes choosing High5 to give them the edge – that little extra something.  High5 offer a wide range of products for many sports included energy drinks, bars, gels and supplements including recovery aids.

Performance improvements, proven research and reviews support High5 strong credentials as a market leader in its field.  Choose High5 to take your best to a new higher level.

Look out for High5 Isogel, High5 EnergySource carbohydrate drink and high 5 Zero X’treme caffeine stimulant tablets.

JD Bug scooters

JD Bug has established itself as a world leader in the innovation and manufacturing of outstanding children’s mobility products including JD Bug scooters. JD Bug for more than a decade now have been offering fun and excitment to the younger generation.

With an exceptional collection of JD Bug scooter products including the JD Bug Original scooter, JD Bug Eco Scooter and JD Bug Pro Extreme scooters JD Bug remain a leading name in freestyle stunt push scooters.

KMC Bike Chain

With over 30 years experience in manufacturing, KMC adopts the state-of-the art technology and are the largest chain maker in the world. Started in 1977 in Taiwan with an office in Europe opened in 1996.  KMC Chain Europe BV was established, to improve service level to KMC’s European customers and since 1999 KMC have been based near Heerenveen (The Netherlands).

KMC staff are actively involved in cycling and strive to always make the best possible products. They are focussed on innovations and product improvements. KMC make many OEM products for leading brands in the cycle world. KMC offer a comprehensive range of bicycle chains for all types of bikes – single speed, multi geared – the full spectrum form standard mass market to specialist high end products.

The simple chain is probably the most important component within the drive train.

Maxxis Bike Tyres

Known and trusted by many around the world, Maxxis offers high-quality tyre products for cars and light trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, ATVs, trailers, karts, and lawn and garden care.

Maxxis was founded in Taiwan in 1967, and is today one of the largest and most respected tyre brands around the world. Operating in Asia, Europe, North America and South America, Maxxis distributes its products in approximately 170 countries and employs more than 22,000 people.

Creating and retaining lifelong customers has been instrumental in Maxxis’ steady growth. Customers trust Maxxis tyres during every stage of their lives, from those first childhood bike rides through changing careers, modes of transportation, and interests – and they know that Maxxis will be there when the time comes for their own children to choose tyres.

Maxxis has many bicycle tyre models that are renowned in the biking world such as the Maxxis MaxxDaddy, Ringworm and Hookworm BMX tyres,  The Maxxis High Roller, Igniotr, Larsen TT and Minnion MTB & DH tyres.


Meqix have crafted a range of products using the best in materials, design and manufacture.  Their range consists of bike pumps, bike tools and bike repair products. The Meqix design team are constantly working on new products to ensure all their products evolve. The Meqiz range benefits from high end features such as wooden handles, their 100% Air-IN valve system and alloy with CNC construction.

Products include MTB high pressure pumps, bike mini pumps such as the Meqix Inspire and Meqix Airlift, Meqix lightweight road pumps, Meqix Air Fighter floor pumps and Meqix cycle tools like digital pressure gauges and stainless steel tyre levers.


Muc-Off are big into being active. Whether it’s on a mountain, trail or at the skate park Muc-Off are obsessed with making the most innovative care products around to keep you and your toys running at their maximum and making them look like new when you’re done!

Muc-Off started back in 1991 when Rex and Marilyn Trimnell got things started with X-Lite UK. After designing and manufacturing the world’s first twin crown bicycle fork, Rex created a perfectly pink spray to clean his kit and it wasn’t long before word got out and Muc-Off was born. Fast-forward to 2012 and Muc-Off is now the go-to brand for top riders and racers from the likes of Steve Peat to Force India. And, in case you haven’t noticed, Muc-Off do a bit more than our original pink cleaner these days.

Muc-Off love to ride and drive and they’re obsessed with anything that involves speed or pushing themselves and their kit to the limit. In-house boffins and Pro riders ensure every Muc-Off product is simply the finest in the world.

Muc-Off is more than pink bike cleaner their range includes Muc-Off drivetrain cleaner, Muc-Off biodegradable chain cleaner, Muc-Off Chain Doc, Muc-Off biodegradable degreaser, Muc-Off disc cleaner and Muc-Off protect & shine products such as Muc-Off Miracle shine and Muc-Off Bike Spray.

To support all their cleaner products and lubes Muc-Off also offer a comprehensive range of brushes and rider care products.

Veho Muvi Camcorders

The Veho Muvi Camcorders are the smallest video cameras in the world featuring a high resolution 2MP camera.  So, perfect for extreme sports.

The Muvi unique micro design enables digital video recording in situations where it may not be possible to use standard camcorders. Coupled with the Extreme Sports Pack the Muvi will allow the user to capture high quality digital video and sound footage hands free. With its robust thumb sized alloy metal casing you needn't worry about your Veho Muvi. It features a 2 Megapixel lens and records in AVI format.

They also charges through any USB giving complete portability.

The Veho Muvi Micro DV Camcorder is perfect for anyone who wants to capture great quality images whilst on the move. The Veho Muvi Micro DV Camcorder will keep going for up to 90 minutes from a full charge and can be connected to your PC via the included USB cable to both transfer videos and re-charge the battery, or for use as a webcam.

Accessories available include an Extreme Sports Pack for mounting the camera on items, such as helmets, for when your mountain biking, skateboarding, skiing etc. You''ll then be able to capture the action has it happens.

Look out for the brand new super tiny Muvi Atom that redefines the world of small. Measuring less than 2 inches high it's one of the smallest camcorders in the world.


Outland’s intention is to satisfy the demands of modern day riders who need to best quality products but who don’t necessarily want to blow the bank getting it. Offering a comprehensive range of components, Outland constantly aim to improve both performance and value of their products whilst, at the same time, scoping out the latest paint job, saddle design or material to keep up with the ever changing fashions of the cycle market.  Only after the Outland team have put the products through their paces on their local trails  will they be produced for you.


Pedalite is a UK company that develops, manufactures and distributes bicycle accessory, equestrian and other outdoor sports products that are environmentally friendly, aid safety and improve the cycling, riding, running or sporting experience for our customers. Pedalite has been able to invest in quality, customer service and innovation to further extend its range of products.

Pedalite Pedal lights (KPL200), the unique battery-free pedal lights for bicycles that provide 360 lighting visibility. No batteries required, harvests & stores energy.

Pedalite Toe Clips for Pedalite 360 degree pedal lights KPL200 version. Please note these toe clips are only compatible with the KPL200 Pedalite Pedal lights.


For more than 25 years, Peruzzo has been producing bike carriers for cars, storage racks and other accessories for bicycles. The factory manufacture a wide range of products made from iron, stainless steel, aluminium and plastic. A big range of bike carriers for cars is available that mount on the back, on the roofs, on the back with tow bars.

The factory has been certified ISO 9001:2000 since 2005.


Pletscher from Switzerland manufacturer cast alloy parts including carriers, baskets and kickstands for bicycles. Essential accessories with design lead looks and utilising high end materials.

Pro-Build & TRU-Build Bike Wheels

Pro-Build wheels are high performance wheels built by skilled craftsmen within Raleigh’s dedicated wheel facility in Nottingham.  All wheels are built to exacting standards to assure you of optimum wheel performance by using components from brands such as Shimano, Mavic and Hope.  Pro-build wheels offer products for all types of riding styles and all are individually checked and boxed to ensure you receive them in the same perfect condition as they leave their facility.


Reelight started in 2003 in a small flat in central Aarhus, Denmark, where the idea was born of making a magnet-powered bicycle lights that did not require batteries. The company has grown over time and the number of employees has increased. This meant that Reelight had to relocate to larger premises in the southern part of Aarhus.

Today, Reelight is a company with nine employees, with a market share in a long list of markets. At Least, 1.5 million cyclists around the world are playing their part in the illumination of the night sky, using Reelight bicycle lights.

For two years running, Reelight has won the prestigious Eurobike Award at the world’s largest cycle trade fair, Eurobike. Traffic safety, concern for the environment and innovation were the criteria that swung the vote, when the jury voted for Reelight.

The Reelight lights work on the electrodynamic induction principle and uses magnets and movement to create an electric current so every time the wheel rotates the lights flash. No batteries.


RSP, Raleigh Special Products, components have gone from strength to strength in recent years has they continue to offer top quality products at excellent value for money.  Taking experience and knowledge from their heritage in all forms of cycling including racing and the feedback from the Raleigh Team all RSP parts offer high performance and great aestgetics. 

The RSP range has been expanded to include road carbon saddles, seat posts, handlebars and bottle cages where weight is important.  The RSP range also includes alloy bars / stems / posts, pedals and cleats, tri-bars and bar tape along with a new clothing range.


Schwalbe is a brand name of Ralf Bohle GmbH, a German manufacturer of bicylce, Scooter and wheelchair tyres. The company is a third generation, family owned business with global reach.

Schwalbe produces a wide range of tyres for different cycling applications, but is best known for its commuting, touring and utility tyres such as the Marathon range.

Leading models include the “Smart Sam” and “Rocket Ron” are leading MTB / XC bicycles tyres and within their road range of bike tyres Schwalbe “Ultremo”, “Durano” and “Lugano” are very well respected.

Selle Royal

For more than 50 years Selle Royal has made comfortable saddles for millions of cyclists throughout the world.

Selle Royal has use original design and innovation to grow from a small workshop to a major industrial power which is today a world leader in the manufacture of bicycle saddles.

Through the 80s and 90s Selle Royal became a major partner to the biggest manufacturers of recreational bicycles. The comfort needed on these bicycles helped Selle Royal develop a great product enhancing your cycling experience, which could be transferred to all cycling disciplines with the new LOOKIN' and fi'zi:k brands.

Today, the sophisticated manufacturing technology at Selle Royal can produce no less than 70,000 saddles daily. The production facility covers 20,000 m² and is in full compliance with the most modern criteria regarding safety in the workplace and respect for the environment.

Selle Royal exports to over 30 countries worldwide and is the choice of many important and prestigious bicycle manufacturers / brands. Selle Royal saddles have won numerous design awards and are today the subject of scientific research in the bio-engineering laboratories of major European Universities.

RESPIRO is Selle Royal’s top line dedicated to the more demanding cyclist. It features the innovative Cool Cover and a Ventilation Channel which also relieves pressure from the genital area, whilst preventing sweating.

ERGOGEL is a range of anatomical saddles with Royalgel™ and their patented twin-flex base. The range features 3 designs that accommodate both your riding style as well as the anatomic differences between men and women.

LOOKIN is the latest generation of saddles combining 2 comfort features: the innovative Cool Cover and RoyalgelTM;. These saddles address the cyclist looking for the greatest level of gel comfort.

PREMIUM saddles are made using the innovative Royal Vacuum Light System. This proprietary production technology enables the saddle to be: 100% sealed, up to 20% lighter and more comfortable.


Shimano from Japan is the leading supply of bicycle components including drive train components, wheels, footwear & pedals and accessories.

Shimano have been leading the field for many years and offer group sets for road bikes, mountain bikes, trekking bikes, City Comfort and BMX bikes.  Shimano products are fitted on novice / recreation bikes to high end specialist racing machines.


SIGMA SPORT's inception began 25 years ago with the idea to produce a cycle speedometer - today's cycle computer - incorporating many advantages over the conventional tachometers from that period, including the delivery of exact data.

Ultimately, the vision evolved into offering highest-quality products at a reasonable price.

Today they manufacturer some of the best cycle computers and lighting systems available to the modern cyclist.


SKS Germany can look back on a proud history based on “Made in Germany” since 1921 with SKS celebrating their 75th anniversary in 2007.  Their key breakthrough came in 1956 when they started production of plastic bike pumps and in peak years they produced up to 50,000 pumps per day. Today, high quality mini, frame and floor pumps dominate their pump portfolio. 

In 1983 SKS took over traditional British brand Bluemels and entered the mudguard segment of the bicycle market. In 1988 large scale production of extruded mudguards began and in time SKS developed the chromoplastic mudguards. Innovations in fitting systems for mudguards lead to increased sales for Mountain bike guards.

More recently SKS has added compact bike tools to it range.


Uvex, the German manufacturer of protective helmets and glasses, has decades of experience in developing bike helmets and eyewear, and due to its know-how, is one of the major innovation drivers in this sector.

Producing in Germany they supply products for leisure cyclists as well as elite racers. With their racing service equipping elite athletes across the world they have enjoyed great success with their products. Used by racing teams across a broad spectrum of disciplines and events, UVEX ensure that athletes are always well protected and have optimal vision.

The many years of experience and knowledge gained from professional sport are utilized in UVEX product development. Working closely with their elite-level athletes ensures UVEX products perfectly match their needs. The experience of UVEX athletes thereby enhances each and every UVEX product.


As a modern family-run company, VAUDE takes its social and environmental responsibility very seriously in its 3 business activities: Mountain Sports, Bike Sports and Packs ‘n Bags. Vaude were the first Outdoor company to receive EMAS certification.

VAUDE’s roots are in mountain sports. Without the mountains, VAUDE wouldn’t be what it is today.

Leading German brand Vaude have launched an extensive range of highly specificed, high quality products for modern day cyclists. Whether it is full on mountain biking, family outings or daily commutes.

Every product benefits form a background developing mountaineering products where materials are pushed to their limits in extremely harsh conditions. So, each product is packed with well thought out features, many of which have won design awards.

The product range consists of back packs, hydration packs, pannier bags and saddle bags.

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